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City Link Commiserations – A courier in Scotland responds

City Link Commiserations – Eagle Couriers respond

Courier in Scotland could offer a lifeline to out of work drivers

Receiving an unexpected redundancy notice on Christmas Day is something that I would not wish on my worst enemy.

So my heart went out to the City Link workers who have had to deal with exactly that terrible situation in the past few weeks.

For the news to break on such an otherwise festive day, seemed unnecessarily cruel and ill-thought out.

And when something like this happens in your own niche or sector, it really brings home the stress, strife and heartache those affected staff must be enduring.

At Eagle Couriers we know how tough the business landscape is.

When we reflect on that, all of us here know how fortunate we are to be enjoying a period of stability and measured growth – and know we must never take that for granted.

West Lothian, Scotland based Courier Eagle CouriersWith that in mind I would like to reach out to former City Link workers, and encourage them to contact Eagle Couriers about future work.

Having recently expanded to cater for new contracts we will be looking to grow again in the near future and we’d love to think that any opening we have could provide new opportunities for some of those who found themselves dumped on Christmas Day.

Let’s hope that the people caught up in this find work soon – whether that be with Eagle Couriers or not, I wish them all the best for 2015.

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