Courier Delivery can aid small online businesses

Who Do You Trust to Deliver the Goods?

With rafts of small, artisanal businesses setting up shopless in the UK each year, there is a tangible need for courier industry to step up and support these fledgling enterprises.

If you are one of these companies, you may have been on the wrong end of one of over 35 million customers who receive broken or damaged goods in the UK each year. Even though it may be through no fault of your own, the damage to your business’ reputation could be severe. That is why any ecommerce venture needs someone they trust to deliver the products their customers love.

Dataprovider recently revealed that there are over 108,000 online stores based in the UK operating independently or through sites like eBay, Etsy and Amazon. These businesses are a vital part of the online economy, making for a substantial chunk of online purchases. As such, it is important that they have access to reliable courier delivery companies who can match them in terms of customer focus and reliability.

Some couriers are yet to recognise that ecommerce courier deliveries are unlike the post. This means being flexible enough to deliver on the same day, helping to facilitate free returns and generally ensuring the product’s journey from the seller to the customer is as seamless as possible. Often, a 1st class stamp can’t provide this.

Many online retailers are now on the lookout for courier firms which they can rely on as if they were a part of their own enterprise. Partnering up with a company like Eagle Couriers is an easy way to bridge the gap between online consumers and their retailers.

Online businesses are also at the forefront of defining which ethics play well in a crowded market. Companies like Eagle Couriers who are environmentally conscious are the kind of firms that e-commerce retailers will be happy to align themselves with.

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