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For Crying Out Loud! The World According to ‘Jeremy’ Stewart!

For Crying Out Loud! The World According to ‘Jeremy’ Stewart!

Has the Director of an independent courier in Scotland been mistaken for a famous BBC broadcaster?

What’s in a name? Quite a lot it turns out, if you find yourself being mistakenly given the same moniker as telly motormouth Jeremy Clarkson.

I share a couple of qualities with the Top Gear host – we’re both unashamed petrolheads (Porsches are over hyped) and we’re both outspoken on transport.

But that’s probably where the similarity ends. I wouldn’t be seen dead in double denim, there’s no chance you’d find me smoking and I’ve never been accused of insulting Mexicans.

Most important of all, I’ve *never* been called Jeremy. Until now, that is.

The name mix-up happened in my local paper. You can imagine my utter shock when I opened this week’s edition and discovered a headline referring to me as Jeremy!

So it got me wondering – had the journalist been reading my recent open letter to transport minister Derek Mackay or my comments about the over-the-top new 20mph zones is central Edinburgh?

Had she briefly muddled my name and that of the Top Gear presenter because she found my musings inflammatory or controversial in a similar way to Jezza’s regular outbursts? Surely not!

I may not be able to offer a ‘star in a reasonably priced car’ however at our courier in Scotland we do have plenty good honest drivers in red vans…not quite the same is it?

So on that bombshell…Why not have a read of the original Eagle Couriers press release and find out more about the original story!

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