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No Tricks, Only Treats With Eagle Couriers this Hallowe’en

No Tricks, Only Treats With Eagle Couriers this Hallowe’en

FIVE reasons why using Eagle Couriers won’t leave you spooked this Autumn

It’s that time of year again, when the supernatural takes over and we begin to notice a strange chill in the air. Hallowe’en can be a frighteningly busy time for everyone.

But don’t be scared off by ghoulish scams, or bewitched by shady deals, at this time of year you need only to seek the safety of a trusted Scottish firm. As Scotland’s largest independent courier, Eagle matches excellent distribution with unrivalled local knowledge wherever your parcel is going.

   1 – Same Day Delivery

Same day delivery is our speciality here at Eagle. So, if you’re a University Student who needs that fetching pumpkin costume in time for the party tonight, or a mad professor needing more limbs to build a friend, with same day delivery you’ll be able to pick a delivery time to suit you. Even if the Omens aren’t good, you’ll get your parcel in time.

Click here to find out more about our frighteningly efficient same day delivery service


   2 – Real Scottish Knowledge

As Scotland’s largest independent courier you can trust us to know the roads even when technology fails.

You may have noticed an increasing amount of taxi drivers using Sat Nav devices during your fare where once an encyclopaedic knowledge of local roads was the requirement. Eagle Couriers know Scotland and it’s roads, so should the zombie apocalypse knock out satellite reception your package will still arrive promptly, not 28 Days Later, with our drivers local knowledge.

   3 – International Reach

Eagle may be proudly based in Scotland but we’re certainly not limited to it, we can work with our partners to get your parcels to practically any country on earth.

Using Eagle you will always be in store for a treat, we may be a Scottish based company but, by working with our partners, we can deliver your parcels to practically any country on earth. So wherever you are in Scotland, and wherever you want to send your parcel Eagle will get it done.

Next stop Transylvania.

   4 – Customer Focus

With nearly 30 years experience of working with people and businesses, we’re as dependable as Scooby and the gang. We know how important it is for you to be able to trust in the people transporting your possessions around the country and across the world, so we make the customer our priority. So put your pitchforks and torches away, there will be no need to chase us up.

   5 – Recorded Delivery and Tracking

Need a fresh delivery of silver bullets or wooden stakes? With Eagle’s tracking you can be sure that your order arrives on time and in one piece. That way you can be confident that you have what you need before reality, or Dracula, bites.

So, don’t go Psycho this Autumn, remember these five Shining reasons to use Eagle Couriers.

From Elm Street to Ingolstadt we’ve got you covered.

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