Eagle Couriers Director Fiona Deas

Our Business Woman of the Year: Fiona Deas

After 21 years with Eagle Couriers, our Co-Director Fiona Deas…

Team Member Focus August: Gary Robertson

Last month we introduced you to THS Couriers’ Lorna Smith who…

Team Member Focus July: Lorna Smith

Last month we introduced you to courier driver, Roderick Page,…

Team Member Focus June: Roderick Page

Last month we introduced you to accounts star Ann McArdle, who…

Team Member Focus May: Ann McArdle

Last month we introduced Operations Assistant, Brody Brown, who…
The distinctive logo and red vans of Eagle Couriers

Eagle Couriers’ 10 Strangest Deliveries

From a single magic tree air-freshener to Scotland’s national…
Scottish Couriers help save birds of prey

Eagle Save Eagles: Courier Plays Vital Role in Conservation

Find out how we have been playing a crucial role in enabling the understanding of the environmental factors that are threatening the country’s most famous birds of prey. 
Eagle Couriers staff member, Brody Brown

Team Member Focus April: Brody Brown

Get to know Brody Brown, our team member focus for the month of April, who has been with Eagle Couriers for more than three years
Eagle Couriers THS takeover Scottish Couriers

Courier Firm Swoops in on Baggage Delivery Deal

A PROGRESSIVE Scottish courier firm has boosted its profile further by snapping up the UK’s leading baggage repatriation provider.
David Keogh Landscape Courier in Scotland

Team Member Focus March: David Keogh

In the hot seat for March's team member focus is David Keogh who is Circuit Controller for Edinburgh and has been with Eagle Couriers for a year and a half