Scottish Couriers deliver Tomato Frogs safe and sound

Eagles, Dogs, Frogs and… Haggis

Scottish Couriers Go Wild for Animal Companions

It is often said that dogs may be man’s best friend, but here at Eagle Couriers we don’t mind swapping fur for feathers and barks for croaks.

We’ve been quick to keep in touch with nature over our history and there’s nothing our drivers love more than the chance to get their paws on a delivery with one of our winged or quadrupedal friends.

From Siberia to the Madagascan jungle and, closer to home, in the mystical highlands, our dealing with animals reflects our can-do attitude – we’ll delivery anything, anywhere!

Here are our favourite feral friends from over the years.

A shaggy dog story

When Scotland is battered by blizzards in the winter and the M8 grinds to a slow halt, more traditional vehicles prevail, as we found out in the harsh winters of the past.

We jumped at the chance to meet Buck, the charming Alaskan malamute, who lends his dog-power to a sled team that makes the most of wintery weather to compete in an exhilarating sport.

Competing in UK-wide competitions calls for the right equipment and we were delighted to provide Buck, his team a sled so that they could take on the best of British.

It’s almost a shame that we aren’t always so beset by snow because we think that tailbacks in Scotland would be a whole lot cuter packed with fluffy dogs.

We like to move it…

If, like us, your main impression of the beautiful African island of Madagascar included animated penguins and talking lemurs (thanks Hollywood), then think again.

We saw first-hand that animated animals aren’t a patch on the real thing.

Eagle’s van was converted for the day into a different kind of ‘amphibious vehicle’ after being tasked with transporting two gloriously coloured protected Tomato Frogs from Edinburgh to Glasgow.

These crimson croakers blended with the Eagle colours beautifully and our driver, Dave Durnan, had never seen anything like them: “The frogs were definitely the strangest thing I’ve had to deliver. I’ve taken tractor wheels over mountains and picked up luggage in the middle of the night but nothing compares with the frogs.”

More than just neep-ing to the shops

There’s nothing quite as Scottish as haggis and, as Scotland’s largest independent courier, we knew we were the right people to help out Scotland’s other national animal (#1 is the unicorn!).

Sally Magnusson’s Horace the Haggis was starring in his second story and the author needed help transporting a life-sized Horace costume all around the country on a whirlwind bookshop tour.

Thanks in small part to our help, ‘Horace the Haggis and the Ghost Dog’ was able to inspire and bewitch young readers all over Scotland.

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