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The Queensferry Crossing in Numbers

The highly anticipated Queensferry Crossing has officially opened and as couriers we can’t wait to make use of the new bridge and improve our efficiency for deliveries between Edinburgh and Fife.

We’ve already looked into how the new bridge will improve our figures, which prompted us to look at the numbers of the new Scottish landmark.

The impressive new structure took ten years to build and cost more than £1.35bn.

Stretching 1.7 miles  it is the longest three-tower, cable-stayed bridge in the world and nearly two-times the length of Edinburgh’s Princes Street.

An incredible 35,000 tonnes of steel and 150,000 tonnes of concrete used on the crossing.

23,000 miles of cables used to support the bridge – only just a little less than the amount needed to wrap around the world.

It took a whopping 10 million man hours to construct the bridge which is estimated to have a life span of 120 years.

It’s now the tallest structure in Scotland and the highest bridge tower in the UK standing at 210 metres tall – equivalent to 42 double decker buses on top of each other.

Over 200,000 submissions to be one of the 50,000 to walk across the bridge with the Queensferry Crossing Experience which took place last weekend.

One member of the Eagle Couriers team was selected to walk across the bridge and raised £300 for charity doing it.

Many of our drivers will benefit from the new Queensferry Crossing and it is sure to increase efficiency for our drivers heading to Fife.

We’ve been patiently waiting for the new bridge to open and can’t wait to make many trips across it.

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