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Driver Training

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We recognise that good courier drivers are essential to providing an efficient service to our customers. We have therefore developed a comprehensive training plan to ensure they are an asset to us.

Our drivers complete an application and induction process which ensures that they are wholly suitable for the role. Medical fitness is assessed and all drivers are subject to Disclosure Scotland checks as standard, as well as reference checks. Drivers also (dependant on their roles) maybe vetted for Criminal & terrorist clearance in order to carry out work for government agencies.

Our Induction and In House training programme is fully comprehensive and drivers spend a period of time in the office receiving a full briefing on topics including :

  • Operating their hand-held computers
  • Manual Handling
  • Road Awareness Skills
  • Navigation
  • Health & Safety
  • Environmental Impact Training

Further monitoring and refreshers courses are regularly carried out to ensure all drivers are able to provide customer satisfaction to the highest levels.

Eagle Couriers are involved in an advisory training capacity to assist raising the standards of the courier industry. We are currently working with CRS Recruitment who in partnership with the Government to train for the courier industry.

Driving Training

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