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Keeping Your Packages Safe During Their Sleigh Ride

Cracks, dents, scrapes and bends in your parcels may not be the merry Christmas you were hoping for, here at Eagle Couriers we wouldn’t wish you that either.

We believe your only concern this festive season should be how good your wrapping skills are, not whether your package will be thrown around in Santa’s sleigh.

We have devised the top tips to ensure your Christmas brings nothing but joy and merriment- and your parcel on time.

Here are our key tips on how best to package your Christmas gifts.

Wrap up tight

Although your package may not be travelling all the way down from the North Pole (we’ll leave that up to our jolly friend), that does not mean there won’t be any bumps along the way.

Bubble wrap will be a man’s best friend to ensure your Christmas gifts are kept safe during their journey.

If you can’t find any, or are sending something a bit more personal, using old blankets or other materials are a safe way in ensuring they will remain protected.

Boxed not bagged

The hustle and bustle of this time of year means our courier vehicles are especially full, and while we’ll make sure to take care on our commutes, putting gifts in boxes will help us along the way.

It’s not just people who like to be wrapped up against the elements.

Keeping all items securely covered to ensure there is no space between the object and the box, will mean you won’t be greeted by a handful of broken pieces.

Fragile objects are particularly prone to this issue, so a polystyrene or wooden box is ideal to stop any damages.

Bows and ribbons are always a nice touch to the finished package, however a long journey (particularly if its overnight) will mean they won’t arrive as bonnie.

Placing these packages in another box will ensure they keep their condition.

There’s no time like the present

Have everything wrapped up and ready to go? Not quite?

Well there’s still plenty of time before the last dash to the shop. We do however know that the excitement for Christmas will steadily escalate over the coming weeks.

We would therefore advise a week before Christmas day should be the last day to send your presents, to arrive just in time to sit under the tree.

While some of us in the highlands and islands may have a better view of Santa’s sleigh as he passes by, delivering your gifts will often take a bit longer in these remote areas.

Sending your packages away in plenty of time would be our advice.

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