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A Delivery within an Hour? This Same-Day specialist calls for care and attention

Courier firm in Scotland looks at the trend of ultra-fast deliveries crossing the pond

WE live in a truly digital age where it seems everything is expected to have been done yesterday, at breakneck speed.

You can download an app onto your smartphone for just about any task imaginable, all designed to make your life easier, speeding up tasks for the free time that always manages to elude us.

This fast-paced culture has helped conceive the “new” perception of what constitutes express delivery.

No longer do we just talk in terms of next – or even same day delivery – consumers in many sectors are being told they can expect things even faster. But is this a good thing?

Amazon Prime’s Grocery service has been working across America since 2014 and a few months ago, it crossed the pond. It offers consumers in some areas the chance to pick up last minute items or essentials with just a few touches on your phone and have it delivered to their homes within two hours.

Imagine the convenience, you would never run out of toilet roll again or have late night dashes to the shops before they shut.

Google Express now offers the same concept, though this is just limited to America. It allows users to order from a range of stores, such as supermarkets and high street chains.

Spotting a gap in the market, Tesco has launched a one-hour grocery delivery service to customers in central London with the Tesco Now app. Although you are limited to only 20 items, you have a vast range of 1,000 to choose from.

In theory at least, this means your weekly shop no longer requires a trip to the shops. You can do it from the comfort of your home and receive it a mere 60 minutes later.

Potential consequences?

The express delivery industry is one of the fastest growing sectors and is creating thousands of jobs. Though what does this really mean for the employees and the public?

Do we really want a massive influx of express delivery drivers rushing about our cities and towns to meet the strict deadlines for each drop off? Are we encouraging dangerous driving through our high demand for an ever-quickening speed of life?

We believe every different delivery requires something unique and have invested to make our clients’ experience as seamless as possible.

If it can be done in an hour, all the better. But if it requires a same day service that ensure the best outcome for employee, client and the safety of Scotland’s road users, then we’re even happier.

To learn more about Eagle Couriers’ safe and reliable same-day delivery services in Scotland, ring 0845 123 1230 or click here.

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