Alana, employee of a Courier in Scotland on the Queensferry Crossing

Milestone Crossing Experience for Courier Employee

As couriers, you can imagine we are pretty excited about the new Queensferry Crossing. After six years of eager anticipation, it is finally here.

So of course, when the news was announced that you could put your name forward for the once in a lifetime experience of walking across the new landmark, we all entered and kept our fingers crossed that we’d be one of the lucky people selected.

Over 200,000 people entered the online draw, so chances of getting a golden ticket were pretty slim.

However, our very own Accounts Administrator, Alana, was one of the lucky 50,000 selected to walk the 1.7 mile trip across the new bridge.

Alana’s mum, Tracy, and brother Kyle, also managed to secure themselves a ticket and the trio de-cided to use the walk to raise money for SANDS Lothians, a charity which offers support to be-reaved parents.

When asked about the walk Alana said: “I was quite nervous but thankfully I didn’t do it alone. It was such a historic occasion it was really exciting to be part of it. I was really glad to have done it for a charity that does such amazing work in my local area.

“Even though I probably won’t be using the new bridge too often, it’s exciting to be part of the opening walk. I imagine a lot of my colleagues will be frequent users of the bridge and can’t wait for it to be fully opened.”

SANDS Lothians offers emotional and practical support to bereaved parents and their families who have suffered a miscarriage, stillbirth or whose baby dies soon after birth.

If you would like to support Alana and her family donations are being collected through their just giving page:

Check out the video Alana took with our GoPro on the day:

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