Scottish courier team

Is it time to hatch your own career at our Scottish Courier firm?

How we take staff under our wing – and what sets us apart from the big names in the sector

NOTHING is more important than your staff and that rings true at Eagle Couriers.

Both the courier industry and what is now termed the ‘gig-economy’ (using flexible contracts with self-employed individuals) has driven its fair share of negative publicity recently.

This has included a now infamous case of a patient being fined for an emergency hospital appointment, with terrible consequences.

With the Prime Minister under pressure from MPs, Trade Unions and the public to address the growing concern of the treatment of courier drivers we felt it was the right time to highlight that not all courier companies are the same.

Here at Eagle we’re proud to say that each and every one of our drivers, contractors and support staff are part of the family.

At present, just under half of all our circuit drivers have been with us for five years or more. Some of them have been with us much longer than that, such as one of Edinburgh’s highest mileage road users, June Dyer, who started working with us more than three decades ago.

We put this down to the way we treat our team – we believe that (quite literally in some cases) they are all superheroes.

In fact, once a month we like to shout about one of them in our blog series ‘Team Member Focus’ just to highlight how amazing, daft, funny and inspiring they all are.

We pride ourselves on being different from other high profile large companies in more ways than one:

  1. Our drivers aren’t paid for each delivery but instead on the number of miles covered for the delivery, and there is no minimum amount of deliveries to be completed. This means there is no pressure to rush each delivery as they’ll make the same amount regardless of the time it is done in.
  2. Deliveries are completely up to the decision of our drivers. There is no obligation to take on any delivery offered to our drivers. If we offer a driver a delivery to London and they don’t feel like driving all the way to the capital they can reject it for an alternative drop.
  3. You won’t ever find us fining drivers for time off let alone medical appointments. We know nothing is more important than your wellbeing and encourage our drivers to put their health first.
  4. We work with our self-employed drivers to establish the hours and days worked. We rely on them to provide our customers with the excellent service Eagle is known for, but also we work round their commitments and family needs.

 We are currently recruiting, looking for drivers either new to the sector or tired of the way they have been treated.

We’d love to hear from you. To find out more about our vacancies you can contact us on 0845 123 1230

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