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The Scottish Parcel Delivery Specialists’ Top Five Worst Valentine Ideas

Eagle Couriers’ Top Five Worst Valentine Ideas

The Scottish parcel delivery professionals count down the five worst present ideas for your Valentine

February 14 … A day to celebrate love and affection which all too often results in panic followed by disappointment.

Well not this year, not on our watch.

So with some advice from Cupid himself, here are our top five Valentine no-nos:

Same day Delivery Scotland courier bulk purchase

Bulk purchase? Hardly romantic

1. A bulk purchase of …anything

A single rose, a ring, a box of chocolates – these classic presents all have something in common. They are a one off, a single item – simple, effective.  Nobody ever truly felt loved when on the receiving end of a value pack of chocolates, underwear, or even cheese.

Less is so often more.


Courier same day in Scotland

Deep fat fry the last morsel of romance


2. Kitchen equipment

We really have thought about it – and no gift for the kitchen really conveys love. There are the obvious don’ts, including a deep fat fryer, any sort of cleaning equipment.

But even a cookbook or coffee machine just feels a little … impersonal.


Courier parcel delivery in scotland scottish same day firm

A nice idea – in reality not so great


3. A last-minute staycation

Unless we are talking a luxury lodge or an outstanding boutique hotel – does anybody really want a last minute trip without heading to warmer climes? Let’s face it – it’s still February and the UK weather stinks.


Courier in Scotland Same Day Delivery

Fake goods? Don’t be tempted


4. Counterfeit goods

Know that your partner loves that £600 designer handbag, or that £800 wristwatch?

However, we advise you stay away from that tempting fake.

Nothing says I love you less than a Guccie or a Tag Hoyer.



5. Doing nothing

Valentine’s Day was thought up by card shops to combat the post Christmas lull – right?

Well if you’re that cynic who rejects Valentine’s Day as a corporate sham we suggest you think again.

Drop the attitude and show your love… just avoid the four ideas above.


Whatever you decide to do for your significant other on this day for big, romantic gestures, there is now no excuse to do nothing – especially with our same day delivery service.

Even if you are reading this on Valentine morning and your loved one is in a different part of the country – we could get that gift to your loved one.

If you feel we have missed any obvious howlers, or if you have received any of the above – leave a comment and let us know.


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