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Year of the Sheep: Why Eagle Couriers are the right choice for your International Parcel Delivery this Chinese New Year

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Year of the Sheep: Why Eagle Couriers are the right choice for your International Parcel Delivery this Chinese New Year

With Chinese New Year celebrations now entering their second week, thousands of the famous red envelopes will be getting shipped internationally to friends and relatives over the following weeks.

Intended to shower the recipient with luck – the envelopes will typically be passed on from the older generations to the young unmarried folk.

So you’ll be glad to hear that Eagle Couriers has a superior international delivery service to cater to your needs; whether that be for sending gifts to relatives in Beijing or Shanghai, or deliveries closer to home in mainland Europe.

Check out 6 reasons why Eagle is the right choice for your international delivery this Chinese New Year:


Scottish International Parcel delivery1) Red envelopes signify luck – but there is no need to rely on luck with our international delivery service. By offering customers the ability to track and follow the progress of their delivery, we encourage transparency and reliability


2)It’s Year of the Sheep! A time to celebrate all that is simple, calm and easy – just like our online booking service, which is designed to enable customers to book in a variety of different ways to meet their needs.


3) Eagle Couriers work in partnership with a large international logistics firm, which makes it competitively priced to send packages direct to international cities across the world. When the celebrations are over it is good to know that our service makes sound business sense to you.


4) Just like the best parties, our deliveries are planned in advance. Customers will receive a quote prior to the courier coming to pick up the package being sent. This allows a clear view of costs before the delivery is underway.


5) Eagle Couriers can provide express services for next day deliveries to certain major cities abroad making sure your parcel arrives quicker than you can say ‘Kung Hei Fat Choi’.


6) Eagle can ensure delivery all over the world. Beijing, Shanghai, Hong Kong, you name it and we can get your parcel there..


Make the right choice this Chinese New Year and ship with Eagle Couriers to ensure your deliveries are delivered efficiently

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