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Six fronts your courier service should deliver on

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Delivering documents and packages as a business owner can be a time-consuming activity, especially if it comes to sensitive deliverables like legal documents and prescriptions.

Six fronts your courier service should deliver on - Courier delivery Scotland

From increasing productivity to simple convenience of service, using Eagle Couriers for your business parcels has a variety of benefits. Here is why you should be considering Scotland’s largest independent courier for your organisation’s needs:

  1. Increase in productivity: Rather than spending a disproportionate time of your working day shuffling between traffic and various office
    addresses, a courier service allows you to focus on providing your clients with the best services possible. As an independent courier provider, we have a wide range of local and international services which deliver on speed and efficiency, allowing you to get on with the day job.
  2. Fast delivery services: There are busy days when you have to send several parcels to different locations and time and reliability are of the essence. By utilising our same-day (or next-day) delivery service, our couriers can help you make those deliveries on time and hassle-free.
  3. It’s affordable: Getting a suitable delivery vehicle for your business can be costly, especially when you add on a salary for a qualified driver, fuel (ever increasing) and insurance costs. With a pay-as-you-use courier service those expenses can be minimised and managed better.
  4. It is safe: While it is understandable that you may have concerns about the safety of your package, be rest assured that they are in safe hands. Eagle Couriers will handle your package safely and securely, treating it as if it was our own, and safeguarding against the chances of incurring damage in transit.  We also provide you with a tracking number so that you know where your parcel is at any given point in the journey, and most importantly when it gets to its destination.
  5. No place is too far: Regardless of where in the world your documents, packages or pallets are headed, we have THE distribution solution. Our Express option for international deliveries guarantees a Next Day drop to major cities, while our Economy services is great for less urgent packages.
  6. We’ve got you covered: Our expertise extends beyond collection and delivery of packages and we are proficient in providing long and short terms bulk storage and retrieval facilities; sorting, packing and despatch services; and can even provide vehicle outsourcing with your company branding. A reliable, professional and committed courier company allows you to focus on your core business – while we take care of the logistical legwork.

Whatever the delivery needs of your business, Scotland’s biggest independent courier service is here to help

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