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Team member focus: Joe Robinson

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Q&A with Courier Driver, Joe Robinson

Courier services Scotland Eagle Couriers shine the spotlight on team members

The team at Eagle Couriers go above and beyond to find a solution to each and every delivery and logistics situation – and one of our courier drivers Joe Robinson knows just how to provide the five-star service.

We caught up with the Glasgow local to find out more about his role and his memorable moments from a year on the road.

So, put on your seatbelt and say hello to Joe…

Tell us a bit about yourself and your job at Eagle Couriers?

My role with Eagle Couriers is as a Courier Driver, although I sometimes joke that I’m a taxi driver with a van! My role is to get deliveries from A to B and often that takes me all over the UK.

When did you begin your career at Eagle Couriers? 

Over a year and a half ago I joined the team at Eagle. I’ve always had jobs where I’m in a vehicle as I’m one of those people who loves being out and about – it’s perfect for me.

The team is great and no-one is expecting a job to be done in an unachievable time frame. They give you a job and let you get it done.

There is always something to deliver which keeps the job dynamic and makes me want to get out of bed in the morning.

What does a day in the life of Joe Robinson look like?

Every day is different which is the beauty of the job and what I love about it. You never get bored!

Usually, I get a call about 7:30/8:00am to share the delivery details of the day and this could be a job across to Edinburgh or down to London. You just never know.

From when you set off for your first delivery, you’re basically non-stop on the go until its home time.

Same-day deliveries must be pretty hectic, do you have any memorable stories?

One of my favourite memories was when I was about to wrap up a delivery in Edinburgh and I got an unexpected call. I thought it as going to be a job to collect something nearby to bring back to Glasgow, when the despatcher asked if I would head down to Newcastle Airport.

Long story short, there was a sponsored cycle in John O’Groats and one of the participant’s bikes had been forgotten at Bristol airport. The furthest they could get it that time of night was Newcastle airport. So, it still had a lot of miles to travel before reaching its owner.

I’d never let someone down, so I headed down to retrieve the bike, whilst staying in contact with the man the whole journey.

When I arrived, I was greeted by the man standing in the middle of nowhere in the pitch black, kitted out in his lycra cycling kit and shoes, ready to jump on the bike. I don’t think I have ever seen anyone so happy at the sight of a red van!

As I handed over the bike, I was given a set of hotel room keys in return to get some sleep before heading back down the road. It’s truly amazing how you can meet some great and interesting people when you’re on the road – makes the job extremely enjoyable.

What has been the biggest challenge you have faced on the same day delivery?

Sometimes the biggest challenge can be just getting there as we can’t predict what the road ahead will be like. Factors like bad traffic, extreme weather conditions or road works are hard to predict, so sometimes it can take us longer than expected.

I was amazed to find out that Eagle Couriers are the only courier service that delivers certain medical and diabetic equipment. This means that if someone’s machine breaks, we are called to deliver them a new one.

It really shows what a big responsibility the job can carry, especially when you know the person is waiting for something that keeps them alive. So, when you take longer than expected it can be an anxious time for the person waiting on the delivery. When you arrive, you can see the worry just disappear from their face, which makes the job very rewarding.

What is the most bizarre thing you have ever had to deliver? 

I’ve experienced many quirky delivery requests in my time and one that comes to mind was when a respectable Edinburgh Supreme Court judge had Covid. I was tasked with collecting his wig and gown from the courtroom and delivering them to his family home as he wasn’t able to work without them!

Do you have any hints and tips for someone starting out in the courier services industry in Scotland? 

The first month is definitely the trickiest when you’re trying to work out your fuel costs and still on the probation period but I’d encourage them to just stick at it. You can definitely see the rewards when you put the hard work in.

What do you do in your spare time when you’re not delivering parcels?

I like to get out and about exploring Scotland with my partner. You would think I spend enough time in my van working but my perfect day off is just getting in the car and seeing where the road takes us.

I also like getting out in my garden. Since working for Eagle Couriers I have really invested in my garden and have got it looking really good so it’s nice to be able to enjoy it.

Looking for courier services in Scotland?

We pride ourselves on the courier services in Scotland we give to our customers, and are pleased to have NHS, Scottish Government and Scottish Police Authority amongst our customers.

Simply give us a call on 0845 123 1230 or submit your enquiry through the link below:


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