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Courier duo secure victory in 200-mile EV challenge

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Leading courier firm test out capabilities of electric car technology

Delivery services Scotland feature Courier duo secure victory in 200-mile EV challenge

A DUO from one of the country’s leading courier firms has placed first in a 200-mile EV challenge testing electric car technology and capabilities across the country.

Crowned winners of The Tri-hub EV challenge were Eagle Couriers Jacqui Colter and Vivienne Wallace from our Head Office Operations Team.

The challenge, organised by Transport Scotland and ChargePlace Scotland (CSP), seen 11 teams made up of local Scottish businesses embark on a 200+ electric mile challenge starting and ending in Glasgow.

Teams were tasked with navigating their way around seven checkpoints and visiting three EV charging hubs to experience the capabilities of charging infrastructure while choosing a driving style to keep M/kWH low.

Delivery services Scotland feature Courier duo secure victory in 200-mile EV challenge

Vivienne said: “The route wasn’t identified until the day so we couldn’t plan ahead for where we would stop to access an EV point – it was a relatively easy experience and its identify that the country is beginning to get well equipped for changes that lie ahead.”

Jacqui and Vivienne were crowned the winners of the challenge with an impressive 4.83 KWH winning figure!

Jacqui added: “It was a really fun event and a great way to experience the capabilities ahead of using these vehicle types in the future. The icing on the cake was defiantly bringing home the trophy!”

Delivery services Scotland feature Courier duo secure victory in 200-mile EV challenge

Commercial Director at Eagle Courier, Richard Beaton said “This challenge has allowed Vivienne and Jacqui to experience the extent of charging networks across the country and identify what differences and challenges driving electric vehicles presents – while ultimately having a bit of fun and bringing home a win was an added benefit.

Samuel Milne, Operations Manager for Eagle added “Eagle Couriers has made a considerable investment on EV in the last 10 years but the technology hasn’t been quite there to support deliveries from Scotland to England but it is getting better.

“We would welcome help for SME’s to access electric vehicles and for them to be widely available as we don’t have the buying power like the big fleet operators. However, as we move towards net zero EV will be way forward and we are working with staff and customers to see how this will be implemented while remaining cost-effective.”

Eagle Couriers is Scotland’s largest independent courier firm and safely collects and delivers thousands of time-critical goods each day throughout the UK.

The firm supports local authorities, government departments and private business – playing a pivotal role during the Covid-19 pandemic by delivering vital medicines to patients and test kits to care homes on behalf of the NHS.

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