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Courier Firm’s Tree-mendous Gesture

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16 DEC Tree Youngsters at a dedicated children’s hospice have started the countdown to Christmas after receiving a special delivery – a seven feet high festive tree.

The specially donated Nordmann Fir will now take pride of place in the grounds of Rachel House hospice in Kinross, after Eagle Couriers stepped in to ensure its safe delivery.

Delivery bosses stepped in to complete a cycle of goodwill gestures which ensured the chronically ill children would have a tree to decorate.

Edinburgh-based landscaper Nic Houldsworth provided the tree as part of a competition and the big-hearted winner asked for it to be donated to the children’s hospice.

That’s when Eagle Couriers, Scotland’s biggest independent courier company, stepped in and agreed to deliver the unusual cargo for free, making a 50 mile round trip to guarantee its safe and speedy arrival.

Donna Nicoll, the Activities Facilitator at Rachel House, said the youngsters and their families were thrilled with the tree

She added: “You can tell Christmas is nearly here, snow has been falling and the children and families are delighted to look out from the hospice and see a real tree lit up in the grounds.

“In the dark it looks spectacular and for many of the children and young people that use the hospice, lights really capture their attention.

“We are so thankful for the kind donation and for those who gave their time to deliver such a timely gift.”

Jerry Stewart, Director at Eagle Couriers said: “We are always looking at ways of giving back to the community.image (1)

“I overheard the conversation at our call centre and decided immediately that we should do the job free of charge – so that the kind donation could reach the kids at Rachel House Children’s Hospice with no added delivery cost.

“Our drivers are now accustomed to weird and wonderful tasks – and it is nice to use this expertise to safely deliver the seven feet high Christmas tree from Edinburgh to the Children’s hospice in Kinross.”

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