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Couriers Fall Off Tracks At Transport Museum

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But recent reports have sadly seen the cracks of the venue, as one journalist branded it a “disappointment” and unfortunately, I too am saddened in an aspect of its contents.

Don’t get me wrong, the collections are amazing and immaculate, but one thing I feel it is missing is a feature on the history of the courier vans which have kept this country’s postal service alive and kicking.

The cars that are featured are wonderful examples of engineering and show a gradual progression through the ages as to how they were developed and changed to fit the modern world.

But what about the vehicles used to transport goods for communities across the country – how did they change and develop to adapt to the changing items that people needed delivered? Surely that falls under “transport” as they literally transported goods from A to B. Why are they not as important as the tram that carried people or the motorcycles that probably aided the delivery of post at some point?

One example which could be added to the collection is the Triumph Courier van from the 1950s era because they really are something to be marvelled at. Their style and class are timeless pieces of history and they should be displayed against some of the other gems in the museum.

Vehicles transporting mail and postage were changed over the years, just like cars, to accommodate what people were sending to one another – in the 1950’s it may have been toys or clothes or parcels of food, which may have changed to more technological items in the 1970s and now it can be anything from a new computer to make up and phones.

It’s as important for future generations to understand the history of our country in terms of trams, boats and trams, as it is for courier vans.Why shouldn’t they have knowledge on the amazing advances we have made in this sector?

I am very much in support of the new museum and think the money was well spent in creating this modern, factual and educational venue. I think, however, that its decision to exclude this type of vehicle is a big mistake. It’s my intention to explain the importance of this vital piece of history to the museum in the hope that they will be able to accommodate more of Scotland’s historical vehicles.


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