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Eagle Couriers Pedal into History With The Perfect Machine

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eLECTRIC-bIKE-cOURIER-fn-340x510A delivery company has donated one its prized possessions to a new exhibit designed to celebrate this summer’s Commonwealth Games.

Eagle Couriers, Scotland’s biggest independent courier company, has been pedaling its nifty electric bike into Coatbridge’s Summerlee Museum, playing its part in commemorating the area’s cycling heritage over the past 100 years.

The e-bike will take pride of place in the ‘Perfect Machine’ exhibition, highlighting how the modern version of a classic invention continues to play a key part in the work of Eagle Couriers.

Jerry Stewart, Director of Eagle Couriers has commented: ”We are delighted to be able to contribute to this very special exhibition.

”Its wonderful to see how the simple bike has changed and evolved over the years. The fact we use the bike in its most modern form in our business, really shows the machine has stood the test of time.

”We were the first courier company to embrace the electric bike and it has proved really useful for helping our team speedily deliver our parcels, particularly in busy cities.

”Not only does the e-bike give Eagle Couriers a greener footprint by lowering our fuel emissions, it also allows us to employ young people aged 18-24 who previously had to be 25 to drive our vans.

”The bike continues to play a key role in our work and i look forward to seeing it in the exhibition.”

Fun Day Out

The exhibition which has just launched at Summerlee Museum of Scottish Industrial life and will run until the end of August, makes for a great day out during the holiday period.

Alongside Eagle Courier’s electric bike, the exhibition also features a range of other donated cycles, photographs, audio and visual material as well as an array of artefacts and memorabilia.

Exhibition curator Justin Parkes said: ”This has been a truly fascinating exhibition to develop. A whole host of memories and memorabilia have come in since our appeal for cycling stories back in the spring.

”We are extremely grateful to Eagle Couriers, who have helped us create this wonderful collection of fascinating material which really is a must see during the commonwealth games period.”

In February 2013 business to business experts Eagle Couriers signed up to the Electrical Vehicle Association Scotland (EVAS), as the first courier company to have electrical vehicles join their fleet.

Being a member of this association has reaffirmed the company’s commitment to green travel, whilst maintaining their guarantee of same or next day delivery to local, national and international destinations.

Eagle Couriers is devoted to investing in new technology, currently adopting processes such as web booking an vehicle tracking to fully benefit their ever-growing client base, which ranges from household names such as the BBC, to sole traders, who all receive the exact same standard of fast, professional, expert service.

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