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Eagle Flies High With GPS Contract

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govAfter working on a variety of public sector clients and projects over the past 10 years, we are delighted to announce that we are now an official Government Procurement Service supplier.

This means that on top of the work we already carry out for clients such as NHS and BBC we will now be able to tender for courier work across all public sector organisations over the next three years, enabling us to add to our already growing portfolio of clients.

Public sector contracts form a large part of the courier work we carry out on a daily basis and the fact that we have been given this recognition helps cement the quality of our services in this sector.

We have a network of over 100 drivers, which means we can ensure deliveries 24/7 and thanks to our new contract with Turner Hire Drive, we now have the ability to expand our fleet as and when required ensuring we can handle any GPS contracts which come our way.

With over 25 years experience in the courier industry, Eagle Couriers is Scotland’s largest independent courier, with a commitment to providing fast, reliable and quality to service to our clients.

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