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Mobile Devices play Growing Role in Daily Lives

It takes just one quick look in a busy coffee shop to see that the proliferation of mobile devices has had a seismic knock on effect on everything that we do.
Although it is no doubt the frustration of parents across the land, while teenage kids are locked on to the alluring blue light of their phones throughout family mealtimes, Eagle Couriers has been at the forefront of engaging with the technology – to bring clients a seamless process from booking to delivery.

Few people would disagree that mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets are well and truly embedded within everyday life – from kids on iPad’s to the growing number of silver surfers.

Research has even recently revealed that more than half of online retail sales are now being made via some sort of mobile device – a number unlikely to drop.

The story is remarkably similar within the business world, with mobile devices increasingly the medium for emails, business calls and scheduling of work lives.

So how has Eagle Couriers adapted to suit its mobile-savvy customers? And what about the ‘ready for the museum’ fax machine?

On the Go

In a benchmark report, Tina Spooner, chief information officer at IMRG explained that over the last year mobile devices, especially smartphones, have increased their impact on online shopping and are often used for research and comparison while out and about.

And this latter point is especially important to us. We know that our clients do a great deal of research on their phones and access our website on the go from mobile devices – which means that our website is purposefully mobile friendly.

That choice is looking like a smarter decision each day that passes – with over 30 per cent of visitors now viewing the site through handheld technology!

Better Tracking

So it’s not just our website that is mobile friendly. Want to know exactly where your important package is? Eagle Couriers offers live up to the minute tracking – which you can access on the go.

Your bookings can be tracked with automated proof of collections as well as proof of deliveries direct to you – on your smartphone – within seconds.

A new way of doing customer service

As Scotland’s largest independent courier, we will always ensure the highest security standards are upheld and social media platforms will often be there as a first port of call for customers.

Online support, updates and @eaglecouriers news stories are available to all customers via Eagle Courier’s constantly updated social media.

Flexibility – not forgetting the Fax

As enthralling as the ever evolving world of mobile technology may be, we appreciate that for many the old ways work the best.

That’s why we’ll remain fixated on flexibility, giving customers a variety of ways to suit their own needs, rather than the systems of some multinational couriers, who adopt the attitude that it’s “our way or no way”.

Booking options include email, fax, telephone or online helps make sure all customer’s needs are met.

And as long as that fax-machine lights up, we’ll keep accepting it as a method of communication – meaning the museums of Scotland won’t be getting our old faithful any time soon!

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