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Rugby Fan Emerges With the Most Talked About Trophy in Scotland

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A courier with a West Lothian firm was recently trusted with the daunting task of transporting Scotland’s most talked about trophy towards its new destination.

Alan Balgarnie, who has worked with Bathgate headquartered Eagle Couriers for four years, was tasked with picking up the Ladbrokes Championship trophy from its now former residence at Tynecastle, to the home of the Scottish Professional Football League (SPFL) at Hampden Park.

The Edinburgh native was undaunted by the pressure of the job – being a committed Edinburgh Rugby fan and a self-confessed rugby lover, he admits to having very little interest in the beautiful game.

He said: “When we got the docket through with the pick-up location and destination we did wonder what we would be carrying.

“So when it emerged as a big heavily protected box it was suddenly clear, even to a rugby fan such as me – here was the SPFL’s Ladbrokes Championship trophy leaving Tynecastle heading on its way to Rangers!

“Although my true love is with a different shaped ball, it is still an honour to be trusted with transporting such an important trophy.”

From its headquarters in West Lothian and bases in Edinburgh, Glasgow and Aberdeen Eagle Couriers has achieved the coveted ‘Investors in People’ status, has a fleet in excess of 120 vehicles and has a 20-strong office based team.

It has also developed a reputation for carrying highly unusual and often valuable goods between locations.

Co-Director of Eagle Couriers, Jerry Stewart, said: “We’ve had allsorts over the years, anything from a lost cat, a deadly poisonous frog, the Six Nations trophy and even an aeroplane nosecone!

“It makes for an interesting workplace and highlights a more important point – that many of the country’s key institutions trust us to safely deliver their priceless items.”

The Ladbrokes Championship Trophy is set to be engraved with the new winner’s name, before heading to Ibrox to be lifted on the final home game of the season against Alloa on Saturday 23 April 2016.

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