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Eagle Couriers’ 10 Strangest Deliveries

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From a single magic tree air-freshener to Scotland’s national rugby kit, our team of Scottish couriers presents its wackiest jobs

WE CALL the members of our team superheroes and not without reason – the only thing each of our drivers is missing is a cape.

Being a superhero comes with responsibility, and as a delivery service provider we come across an unbelievable range of requests on a daily basis. Some might be stranger than others, but each of our clients’ possessions becomes our most treasured property until delivered into someone else’s safe hands.

Here’s a list of some of the strangest, wackiest and funniest deliveries our drivers have taken on with no questions asked.

1. A Lost Cat

One of our drivers was involved in delivering an adventurous tabby cat, Samson, back to his family in Penicuik. Reported missing in 2008, Samson turned up over two years later in Plymouth – 500 miles away from home. Hearing of the family’s trouble in arranging a pick-up, Eagle Couriers offered to bring Samson back home, free of charge. The mystery of how the cat managed to end up so far away remains unsolved to this day. We would definitely love to hear his side of the story.


2. A Racing Pigeon


Another brave individual to add to our collection of animal travellers is a racing pigeon. One of our drivers let his passenger take a break from flying and took him on a little road trip from Fife to West Lothian. We hope he enjoyed the ride.


3. A Frozen Rabbit

In one of the more bizarre delivery stories, an Eagle Couriers driver arrived to his pick-up location to find out he’d be transporting a frozen rabbit. Cautious of how delicate it may be, the driver handled this delivery from Glasgow to Edinburgh with extra care.


4. Scotland National Rugby Team Kit

Each of our deliveries carries as much responsibility as the next, however there are certain ones which can keep the whole team on the edge of our seats. Recently, we were called upon to spread our wings and complete a last minute delivery for the Scotland National Rugby Team. With just four days to spare before the Six Nations Championship game, we organised safe transport for the team’s kit – all the way to Italy.


5. A Magic Tree Air Freshener

In a slightly odder and funnier adventure, one of our drivers was assigned with a task of picking up a £1 Magic Tree air freshener from Argos. The person who requested this delivery proved to be quite determined to receive what they had paid for and chased us up to check on their possession’s location. We can assure that the package safely reached its owner.


6. A Prosthetic Leg

Another unusual delivery Eagle Couriers was involved in was the transportation of a prosthetic leg. Not too wacky? The driver collected the leg with a boot still on it. We just hope that the recipient had the other pair.


7. A Glass Eye in a Sandwich Bag

Do you ever get a feeling like someone is watching you? One of our drivers got so freaked out by a glass eye in a sandwich bag sitting in his passenger seat that he had to phone his friend. If you’re reading this and thinking about sending a glass eye to someone in the future, maybe try to put it in something that isn’t so transparent.


8. A Doll’s Head

Diving more into the creepy side of our delivery stories, one of Eagle Courier drivers has shared his experience of receiving a box with a doll’s head in it. We aren’t sure where the rest of the body was, and maybe we have watched too many horror movies, but this delivery definitely makes us shiver.


9. Dentures

Throughout the years we have had multiple deliveries involving dentures and denture moulds, and we like to think of it as an important service as we’re helping people smile. One delivery, however, has stuck with us. Back in 1999, one of our bicycle couriers got in a minor car accident in which a mould got damaged. Scratched and bruised, he completed the delivery nonetheless.


10. The Edinburgh Festival Fringe Cow Sculptures

The team at Eagle Couriers loves getting involved in cultural events, so when we got asked to help move colourful cow sculptures around Edinburgh for The Fringe Festival we jumped at the opportunity. The drivers handled the heavy pieces of art with delicate care, while manually loading them into the vans. The bright, flashy cows strapped to the back of our delivery vans were quite a sight.

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