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It would seem that yet another delivery howler has been made – and this time the national press are all over it.

This is not the old tale of your granny’s birthday card going off the radar, or even a bank statement going awry. In this case we’re talking about information that could put lives at risk which has gone missing. There’s no easy way to just shrug it off.

Officials at the Ministry of Justice emerged extremely red-faced when the news of lost sensitive data spread like wildfire earlier in the month.

Scotland's leading courier company trusted to make special delivery with confidential informationWitness anonymity in the case of the fatal Mark Duggan shooting (which sparked the 2011 riots in London and beyond) was at put at risk, as disks containing the highly confidential information were lost in the post.

Let’s be honest, there is no excuse for this. Documents of this sort should be transported in a way that makes sure almost all risk of loss or theft is taken out of the equation.

Don’t the MoJ know that around 500,000 letters per week are either lost or turn up hopelessly (14 days or more) late with the Royal Mail.

I sincerely hope that nothing bad comes of this and the information doesn’t make its way into the wrong hands, with potentially disastrous consequences if witness details are made public.

The whole incident serves to highlight the importance of making sure that you choose a parcel delivery firm with a proven track record for the transportation of highly confidential goods.

Did you know that Eagle Couriers is trusted to transport sensitive items? Or that Eagle Couriers was tasked with transporting the most famous trophy in women’s golf?

Through our same day delivery service we deliver locally nationally and internationally.

Businesses and individuals have come to trust Eagle Couriers for our handling of sensitive information – make sure that the next delivery you make is with us.

Don’t make the same mistake as the Ministry of Justice.


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