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Macmillan Cancer Support wins the vote to be our birthday beneficiaries

Rounding-off our triple-whammy of kindness to celebrate 30 years in business

Grab the party poppers from the back of the cupboard and prepare the fire extinguishers for the highly flammable birthday cake, for Eagle Couriers officially turns the big three-zero today (11/03/2015).

So rather than sit back and reflect on the wealth of achievements over the past three decades and the extensive services we now offer, we thought we’d rather give something back – with a trio of altruistic gestures.

gifts-570826It started with an exciting campaign to reward 30 of Scotland’s most cherished mums this Mother’s Day, who are set to be showered with bouquets of flowers and boxes of luxury Thorntons chocolates and will be sure to feel the warm glow associated with being loved and appreciated.

Get your last minute entries in for our exclusive Mother’s Day competition here

Secondly we adorned 12 of our famous red vans with a comedy red nose, in celebration of Red Nose Day and Comic Relief 2015, helping to raise money for those less privileged, both here on our doorstep and abroad.

To round up our tri-series of kindness we thought we’d canvas the team here at Eagle Couriers and ask each valued member to nominate a cause close to their heart.

Democracy prevailed and it was the fantastic Macmillan Cancer Support that emerged as the most popular charity amongst the team at Eagle Couriers.

So with this in mind we are donating 50p for every booking made on 11/03/2015. We expect to donate at least £250 to the great cause, which will help those suffering with the cruel condition.

We would like to extend our gratitude to all of our valued customers over the years that have been integral to the Eagle Couriers experience. It is not often we get a chance to stop amidst the pace of modern life and thank those that have helped us reach this point.

It has been a great 30 years which has seen vast changes across the industry and Scotland on the whole – let’s make the next 30 even more special.

(We’ll be back reflecting on our wonderful achievements soon!)

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