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Technology: The Wings Powering Eagle Couriers

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Technology: The Wings Powering Eagle Couriers

Modern tech allows customers to soar with the leading Courier in Scotland

As anyone ‘long-in-the-tooth’ enough to remember the days before computers will testify: this modern era never stands still.

Although we are now susceptible to hacks, pitfalls and dangers from the shadows – this new age has also resulted in greater consumer demand, increased expectations and a complete transformation of the courier industry.

We now have the ability to buy something from half way across the world with just a click of a button – and with an expectation that it will arrive at our door just days later.

Plus the use of our laptops, tablets and smart phones to order anything from a pizza to a car is a far cry from the first couriers – who tended to be forlorn long distance runners, or plucky homing pigeons.

As anything and everything can be done online, many predicted the end of courier services as we know them. With the introduction of emails and text messaging, letters and cards were less likely to be sent- therefore directly impacting the need for couriers.

However, the exact opposite has occurred and it is firms like Eagle Couriers – right here in Scotland – that are on the cusp of this new age.

Online shopping has boosted courier demand and services such as ‘next day delivery’ have become more and more popular. Due to the convenience of 24 hour shopping, courier services now have to be available day and night with the capability of dealing with it all.

How has our Scottish Courier Responded?

In order to offer the best possible service, we have invested extensively in new technology to make services more up to date and efficient. The ability to track your order from any device on our bespoke new site means you can locate your order on-the-go.

We’ve also given our couriers xdas (handheld tech) to capture job details with ease and provide real time proof of delivery.

We’ve taken a great deal of pride updating our new intuitive website, which transformed at the end of last year, making it accessible on mobiles, iPads and tablets.

Tech-heads out there may not be surprised – however we were amazed when we found out that 40% of users accessed the Eagle Couriers website from mobile devices.  Our decision to improve accessibility to the website from handheld devices helped drive more traffic than ever before.

Possible Implications?

This was shown all too well by the devastating collapse of fellow courier, CityLink. The UK firm failed to keep up with the online demand of ‘track my parcel’, the 30 minute text warning and live delivery van tracking which are all common features in courier services. Falling behind on these important tech updates was part of its ultimate demise.

Technology changes how all industries operate and with the development of smart phones and apps, businesses need to modify their presence online to suit all users in the 21st century. As Eagle Couriers have demonstrated, an updated website and mobile accessibility can not only help clients but can boost business and benefit everyone.

As a business that never stands still, we are constantly looking to adapt and improve. Thinking back to the real early days of the industry puts into perspective just how far we have all come.

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